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House Renovations

Even just mentioning renovations when talking about old buildings can send shivers down the spines of most.

From structural alterations to full house refurbishment, there are many things to consider and calculate before even starting a house renovation, especially if your house is more than a few decades old.

Here at Ploughcroft, we’re all about keeping disruption to a minimum. Our professional and experienced team have worked on many renovation projects across the region. We know how important it is to have everything go smoothly and meet the deadline. From previous renovation projects, we have an array of positive customer testimonials. Our Which? Trusted Trader and CompetentRoofer status further clarify the first-class service our experienced team provide.

Your Home Renovation Within The Budget You Set

The phrase often heard during many renovations projects is “it cost twice as much as I thought it would”. At Ploughcroft we will help you budget so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises. Our team will talk you through the whole process, from helping you acquire the services of a reputable architect, right through to the moment when you are able to move into your new home.

Renovation of Listed or Protect Heritage Buildings

If you are looking into carrying out renovations to a listed building, you may need a specialist Heritage Restoration service like the one that our Ploughcroft team, as Heritage Certifed professionals, provide due to the rules and regulations put in place.

Benefits of a Property Renovation

  • Design your own home,
  • Tailored to your specifications,
  • Structural engineers ensure your home is safe,
  • Make use of an existing building’s framework,
  • Tap into our heritage building expertise if your house is a listed or protected property,
  • Renovate an old building to modern style or keep the traditional feel.

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