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Lead Work

Lead is resistant to corrosion and ages well, so it is still in use today.

At Ploughcroft we have a lead specialist on our team allowing us to provide the high-quality work that you expect.

Lead Roofing is environmentally friendly when installed properly. Most lead today is recycled so again reduces the environmental impact. While the initial investment in lead work may be high, it will last for up to 100 years.

From heritage renovations and installations of leading flashings to decorative features, we have you covered when it comes to all aspects of lead roofing. Get in touch with any lead work questions using the form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Read about the specialist lead work we carried out on the iconic bell tower at the Halifax Piece Hall.

Our lead work services cover the following:

  • Heritage lead work repairs, renovation
    and restoration
  • Lead domes and turrets
  • Lead repairs and restoration
  • Lead flashings, lead box gutters
  • Lead welding
  • Lead canopies and parapets walls
  • Lead decorative features and bespoke designs
  • Lead dormer and bay windows
  • Lead chimney aprons

Lead Work on Heritage Buildings

Lead is renowned for its longevity and can last up to three times longer than other materials, making it perfect for use on listed and protecting buildings in conversation projects.

Lead and Waterproofing Roofs

Lead boasts remarkable flexibility qualities making lead sheeting perfect for stretching around challenging shapes and areas to provide complete coverage. The material’s flexibility means it lends itself to acting as a sealant when used in conjunction with neutral cure sealants. Lead can also be used as an exceptional covering for a roof’s guttering making a roof completely waterproof.

Lead can also be used as an exceptional covering for a roof’s guttering making a roof completely waterproof. Being able to expand and shrink due to temperature changes also makes lead the perfect material to use for rooftops facing the unpredictable British weather.

From Lead Flashings to Lead Hoopers, What Are the Different Lead Elements of a Roof?

Lead Flashings keep a roof watertight. If a roof were to lack lead flashings, water would simply run down the side of the chimney or down the tiles located higher on the roof. Worst still, roofs without lead flashings, often have moisture that runs into a house’s interior.

Lead Turrets are small towers at the corner of a building or wall — in this case, a tower made of lead. Being so flexible means lead can cover and protect turrets in lead roofing.

Chimney Aprons are strips of lead used for flashing (the process of stopping water entering a building via a joint) a chimney edge, or where a chimney base meets/joins to a roof.

Lead Dormer Windows are windows that project vertically from a roof’s slope. A pitched roof is one that has two sloping sides with the top of each sloping side meeting in the centre.  This centre section is called the roof ridge and is the highest horizontal point of a roof. A house that has a pitched roof can contain a dormer window within that pitched roof. The points where the roof on the dormer window joins the main pitched roof on both sides are called valleys. Without a lead flashing being installed into these valleys rain water will run down both the roof of the dormer window and down the main roof, causing damp within the house.

Parapets are low walls running along the edge of a roof used for protective purposes.

Hoppers and Downpipes: Hoppers are containers that can release their contents, such as rainwater, at the bottom when they become narrower towards the base. Downpipes transport rainwater from a roof to a drain or safely to ground level.

Benefits of Lead Work

  • Lead hoppers and downpipes
  • Very durable & will last a long time,
  • Soft & Malleable - can be shaped fairly easily into the shape you want,
  • Excellent aesthetic value,
  • Resistant to corrosion,
  • Flexible - lead expands and contracts with the weather,
  • Little Environmental Impact

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