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Structural Alterations | House Building & Renovation | Ploughcroft

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Structural Alterations

Our team are able to safely demolish unused buildings and have access to the correct and latest construction equipment.

With an unpredictable housing market, many people in the UK enjoy renovating and altering their existing properties in order to better suit their needs without having to endure the stress and financial complications of moving house.

However, renovation usually requires some structural alterations so, the structure of the building isn’t compromised in the process. From small alterations, such as adding a door or window, to larger projects such as extensions or changes to a room’s function, which change the entire layout of the property, Ploughcroft are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the construction industry.

Highly trained and backed by many positive customer testimonials, our team always follow Building Regulations and Health and Safety rules.

Discover how we came to the rescue of a 300-year-old barn that was in poor structural damage. 
We recommend always using a professional and trusted building service provider when undertaking any structural alteration work. Getting it wrong could end up with parts of the property collapsing, which will be very expensive to fix. As Which? Trusted Traders, we are accustomed to working closely with homeowners, minimising disruption and keeping you informed of progress according to your wishes.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineers often need to be aware of how a building was originally constructed to be able to create secure, reliable and sympathetic structural alterations. They also have to assess whether parts of a building will be able to handle the new use the building will be designed to have and able to cope with the work needed to be carried out throughout the building alterations.

Sometimes building owners can supply the original construction plans; however, with more contemporary buildings, structural engineers often need to carry out investigations in order to understand how a building was initially constructed. Here at Ploughcroft we also work with fully qualified structural engineers to ensure the integrity of your building or house alterations project.

Benefits of Structural Alterations

  • Creates more living space,
  • Changes the layout of your home to suit you,
  • Demolition of unused and unwanted outbuildings,
  • Guidance through the process,
  • Qualified structural engineers.

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