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Different Types of Roof Construction To Consider | Ploughcroft

Different Types of Roof Construction To Consider | Ploughcroft

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Different Types of Roof Construction to Consider

When building a new home or renovating an existing one, there is a lot of information to process, so it’s best to take it one project at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. However, as every design flows together, it’s also important to think about where each project fits in the grand scheme of the build.

One aspect of your build or renovation may involve fitting a new roof, which is a big commitment and a lifelong investment. Not only does a roof keep you warm, safe and dry, but the style, pitch and material play a huge part in how the overall appearance of your house looks from the outside.

With so many types of roof construction to consider, here’s a beginner’s guide on how to choose the right one for your house.


Which Roof Style Should I Choose?

There are over a dozen roof styles to choose from, but we’ve listed below three of the most popular choices for homes.

  • The Gable Roof is a classic design and still one of the most sought-after options. This is a well-recognised roof type — in fact, you probably drew this style as a child. Two roof planes form the shape of an inverted V at an inclination angle of at least 15 degrees. This roof design is especially useful for excellent rainwater drainage.
  • You’ll also recognise the Flat Roof, which is quite simply one horizontal roof plane. As there is little to no pitch, this is the easiest roof style to construct and so is significantly cheaper. A Shed Roof is basically the same as a flat roof, but it has a minimal slope.
  • The Hip Roof is another common roof style for houses, with both square and rectangular options. It has four sloping sides with zero vertical roof lines/walls, so it can be more difficult to construct compared to the gable and flat roof styles, but this style is far more stable — excellent for high wind.

Which Roof Pitch Should I Choose?

Pitch is the term used to describe the angle, slope, or slant of your roof, and is calculated as a ratio which indicates how much rise there is in the roof.

Picking the pitch of your roof is an essential step in roof construction as it determines which styles you can choose from, as well as which roof materials can be used.

The slope of a roof is split up into three categories: a Flat Roof, Low Slope or a Steep Slope.


Which Roof Material Should I Choose?

There are a variety of roof materials to choose from, including tiles, metal roofing and even solar panels. Once you know which style and pitch of roof you want, this narrows down your selection so you can make the right decision.

Ploughcroft roofers can provide you with an expert opinion to ensure that your roof lasts for many years, but we’ve also listed some materials below.

  • Roof Tiles: Options include ceramic, clay, stone or even glass. Roof tiles are beautiful to look at and especially durable, but they can be heavy and more expensive. However, they’re a great investment for longevity.
  • Metal Roofing: Options include aluminium, copper, stainless steel or zinc. Metal roofing is extremely lightweight, as well as far more energy efficient. The sound of rain can be a drawback. However, its life expectancy is excellent.

For more information about roof construction, you may like to read our article on The Cost of a New Roof — What To Expect.

If you’re looking for more advice about different types of roof construction, or if you’re ready for a roof estimate, contact Ploughcroft today.

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