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Summer ways to save energy!

Summer ways to save energy!

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Summer Savings: How to make the most of the sunshine and save energy!

Summer has arrived and although temperatures aren’t exactly soaring in the UK, the slightly warmer weather is a good thing for household energy bills as it means you can finally turn the heating off! Summer is a great time to try and cut energy consumption in the home and here are our simple steps to taking advantage of those longer days and brighter nights:

• Resort to the traditional method of clothes drying and hang your clothes to dry on the washing line. Using a dryer does not only produce excess amounts of heat but it also uses a lot of energy up. So be cost effective as well as energy saving and make the most of sunshine.

• You may not be able to turn the heat down outside but you can certainly alter the temperature inside, which in turn will cut costs. There’s no need for heating so turn this off, but also try to reduce your hot water use. Colder showers aren’t just energy saving- they are refreshing in the summer after all!

• Minimise the use of fans by allowing the cooler air to circulate around your house and bedroom, especially during the evening. Make sure you open all windows and let the cooler evening air into your home. This will keep your home at a comfortable temperature while saving energy.

• Make sure you take advantage of the longer, brighter days by opening all curtains and blinds during daylight hours. The natural light will warm your home and ensure that you don’t ever need to crank up the heating, even on those chiller days. In the same sense, be sure to close the curtains at night when it becomes dark in order to keep the natural heat in.

If you have your own energy saving tips for the summer please share them with us on our Ploughcroft Facebook page, we’d love to hear them!

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