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How to Avoid ‘Free Solar Health Check’ Scams

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How to Avoid ‘Free Solar Health Check’ Scams

‘Free Solar Health Check’ scams are a common concern for anyone with a solar-panelled roof. We have spoken about this previously on our blog as the scam is now commonplace. If you are approached about a free ‘health check’ service, it is important to be wary. Ask yourself, what is the motive of the company to perform a service at zero cost?

Scammers often target solar panel customers with this type of fraud. Scammers try to offer unnecessary add-on sales after the so-called ‘free check’ has been carried out. The real cost to install solar panels on a roof always comes in the form of a professional quote. Any reputable company will work this way — with no hidden fees after installation.

Choose a specialist roofer to install solar panels on your roof. You ideally want to hire somebody who can assist you throughout the entire process and offer additional support after completion.

If you have followed these initial steps, there should be no need for an external party to check the work. A reputable company will always offer a comprehensive warranty to protect your investment for a reasonable period after the initial purchase date.

Four Signs of a Solar Scam

You can steer clear of ‘Free Solar Health Check’ scams by looking out for these four telltale signs.

With our guide, you can avoid a whole host of scams that target you based on your purchasing activity.

Opening Contact

If the company offers you a free service as part of their opening contact, this is a warning sign. Businesses do often run free promotions. However, they usually target them at their existing customer base. Free services reward customers for their loyalty. But, if you have no relationship with the company, the chances are they have a hidden motive for an eventual sale.

Ludicrous Claims

Far-fetched claims like ‘we offer the best solar panels in the world’ are clear red flags. Trusted companies promote reasonable claims that are achievable. All claims should be backed up with a solid portfolio, client testimonials and statistics.

Solar Power Cost Calculators

Although many credible roofing companies might use a solar power cost calculator on their website, we think it is best to avoid this. Instead, we offer a bespoke service. Each free professional quote is uniquely tailored to your property and your individual needs.

More Money

Any talk of extra costs like a maintenance plan or upgrade is a no-no. If you hadn’t considered checking up on your solar-panelled roof before the check was suggested to you, you most likely don’t need it.

What’s more, the involvement of another party could affect the terms of your warranty, making it invalid. If you have a genuine concern about your roof, contact your original provider to be sure.

Avoid it From the Get-Go

At Ploughcroft, we will never share your personal data with any other party, in adherence to the Data Protection Act. If you receive a call after the installation of your solar-panelled roof, we assure you that we will never pass responsibility onto another provider.

The cost to install solar panels on a roof is quoted by us when you contact a member of our team. Unless you have a genuine complication, there should be no additional fees after the installation process.

Get an accurate cost for installing solar panels today through our free roofing & renovation quote form on our website.

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