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The Height of Roofing Safety — Without the Scaffolding | Ploughcroft

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The Height of Roofing Safety — Without the Scaffolding

Cutting the Risk — Cutting the Cost

Already, we’ve had the Roof Anchor for nearly six years! In March 2013 at ExCeL London, Ploughcroft launched this nice bit of roofing safety kit, invented by our Divisional Director Chris Hopkins. Ever since then, it has taken us to new heights of health and safety in roof work, far from the need to use scaffolding supplies for every single project we do.

Hiring and building scaffolding take time and money, which is often a waste when it’s only for a quick job. But still, safety is crucial, whatever the work involves. The solution to both of these issues is the Roof Anchor system, which attaches quickly and securely to the roof and ensures the safety of the roofer.

“I knew that there must be a safe alternative to do this for the many jobs that we do,” said Chris Hopkins. “Hence the Roof Anchor…”

From the very start, its aim was to make such a high-risk activity easier without compromising roofing safety. Now tested to BS EN 795 (personal fall protection equipment) standards, the Roof Anchor is capable of keeping our team safe when working at height, ideal for short-duration jobs.

The Roof Anchor, Height of Roofing Safety Without ScaffoldingThe Roof Anchor kit includes:

  • The Roof Anchor device with screws
  • 10 metres of 11mm rope
  • A 2-point Ridgegear harness
  • 2 carabiners
  • A Rope Grab Rocker
  • A rucksack, so it’s nice and easy to carry

The great thing about it:

It installs in seconds to the timber rafters or trusses of any rooftop, and you can remove it easily to use again. Much faster than scaffolding and perfectly safe for anything that involves working at height.

A demonstration from the man himself, Chris Hopkins:

It cuts the risk and cuts the cost. By saving you the cost and trouble of erecting scaffolding, the Roof Anchor is the key to more cost-effective roof work.

You can purchase the Roof Anchor as part of the full Roof Anchor kit, or you can simply have the anchor device with four screws. If you’d like to purchase multiple Roof Anchors, you can contact us directly for information on a possible discount.

For more information about the Roof Anchor safety kit, head over to the website.

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