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Do You Need Building Regulations When Replacing an Existing Skylight?

All replacement glazing requires Building Regulations, and this has been the case since 2002. VELUX windows and skylights are no exception.

There are plenty of roofers cutting corners by telling their customers that Building Regulations are not required if all they are doing is making a straight swap! This is simply not the case. Anyone who installs replacement windows or doors has to comply with the new thermal performance standards.

When the time comes to sell a property, a purchaser’s surveyor will ask for evidence that any replacement glazing installed after April 2002 complies with the new Building Regulations. Any work carried out is likely to come to light through a local land search enquiry.

Building Regulations, Velux, Roof WindowThere are two ways to prove compliance:

  1. A certificate showing that the work has been done by an installer who is registered under the FENSA Scheme.
  2. A certificate from the local authority saying that the installation has approval under the Building Regulations.

So what should you do if your roofer or installer tells you that Building Regulations are not required?

Quite simply – run for the hills!!

If they are prepared to cut corners on applying for Building Regulations, then they will be prepared to cut corners on the actual work. It is not unheard of for local authorities to serve an enforcement notice on the homeowner requiring removal of work which contravenes the regulations. If the homeowner doesn’t comply, then the local authority has the power to undertake the work itself and recover costs for doing so.

How Ploughcroft Protect Homeowners

At Ploughcroft, we replace and install all rooflights and roof windows to current Building Regulation standards and supply our customers with a Building Regulation certificate.

We deal with all the Building Regulations and ensure a certificate is provided to prove compliance, regardless of whether the customer has had a new installation or has replaced existing windows or skylights. This ensures that there is no problem at a later date and prevents the customer from running into related difficulties when they sell their home in the future.

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