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5 Ideas to Renovate Your Bungalow Home | Ploughcroft

5 Ideas to Renovate Your Bungalow Home | Ploughcroft

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5 Ideas to Renovate Your Bungalow Home

There’s something beautifully quaint about bungalows — they present a humble British charm that can be difficult to recreate in other property types.

Aesthetics aside, a bungalow (otherwise known as a single-storey house), has a reputation for its practicality, with everything accessible from the same floor. In fact, bungalows have a widespread appeal here in the UK, yet there are fewer being built, so they’re becoming increasingly sought after.

While it is certainly convenient to have every room close by, that’s not to say you can’t expand this space. A bungalow can be renovated in a number of different ways to increase space and enhance your quality of life at home.

In this post, we outline five popular bungalow house renovation ideas.

1. Convert the Loft

If you’d like to add more bedrooms or living space to your bungalow, a loft conversion is a perfect solution. By adding this extra space úpstairs, you can be far more flexible with the layout of your home.

Generally speaking, the options to convert the loft in a bungalow are the same as those in a two-storey house, so it couldn’t be easier to add a whole additional floor. Whether your roof structure is a traditional cut rafter roof or it’s a modern trussed roof, a loft conversion is possible — with the right expertise. Imagine all of that upstairs space!

2. Extend Your Bungalow to the Side

Adding extra height to your bungalow isn’t the only way to create more space — you can also increase the property’s width with a home extension.

Whether you need a workspace, playroom for the kids or just a bigger living area, you only need a small amount of outside space to add a home extension. What may seem like pointless and unused land can actually make a massive difference to the way you live.

3. Add a Balcony

Not only do balcony systems look spectacular from the outside, but they make for a great outdoor space to entertain guests too. Here you can also enjoy the views and bask in the sunshine.

There are plenty of balcony styles and designs available to suit your bungalow requirements. Your builder can advise you on the necessary safety features of a balcony, as well as offer a professional opinion on materials and design.

4. Add a Conservatory

If you want to bring your living area into the outdoors, a conservatory can make a fantastic addition to your home. This bungalow house renovation idea will not only expand the size of your living space, but a conservatory can also give you the opportunity to enjoy your garden more, no matter the season.

While making your choice, pay particular attention to the type of roof you want on the conservatory (one that will suit your bungalow’s exterior) and try to select a frame that will accommodate it.

5. Bi-Fold Doors

If you like the idea of opening up your bungalow to fresh air and natural light but you don’t necessarily need extra space, then why not add some stylish bi-fold doors? Also known as folding sliding doors, bi-fold doors are made from a series of panels that fold up against the wall and slide open. They can fold in or out to open up space.

As bi-fold doors provide optimum thermal efficiency, they also help to keep homes warm during the winter and refreshingly cool in summer.

There you have it — five ideas to consider if you’re thinking about renovating your bungalow. Before you make your choice, it’s vital to think about the purpose of your renovation and what you want to add to your home, whether that’s space, thermal efficiency or additional light.

Here at Ploughcroft, we channel our building and renovation skills, knowledge and experience into providing house renovation services that enhance your home and make it a happier place to live. Get in touch for a free quote.

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