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The popularity of flat roofs for businesses | Ploughcroft

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The popularity of flat roofs for businesses

The popularity of flat roofs continues to rise, reasons behind the demand are plentiful. If you’re in the market for a new roof to enhance the look of your property that Kevin McCloud would be proud of, then look no further than a flat roof. This choice of a roof can look contemporary and stylish.

A flat roof, as you would assume is described as flat as it is almost level. However, it is pitched slightly, usually below 1.5 degrees, to allow rainwater to run off effectively.


Relatively low cost means flat roofs are ideal for commercial buildings. There is less surface area to cover than a pitched roof. As they are easier to install it can have a significant reduction in associated labour costs.


Flat roofs on commercial buildings are much easier to access due to the slight pitch. Easy access means they are a lot easier to inspect and maintain.


Versatile in their design, covering the roof entirely whilst utilising the space that’s on offer. Many commercial buildings use the flat space to install solar panels or turn it into a usable outdoor space for employees such as a rooftop garden.

Increased Lifespan

Flat roofs are designed to withstand the elements including rain, wind and snow. With a life expectancy of 30-40 years, the product is extremely durable.

Energy efficient

Thermally efficient materials can prevent heat loss which reduces the amount of energy required to keep the building at optimum temperatures throughout the year. Flat roofs help to keep the internal temperature stable which can have a dramatic impact on heating bills.

A smart solution for businesses

Whether your property needs a refurbishment or you’re at the beginning of a new build project, the costs you are incurring will always be a priority. The popularity of flat roofs continues to rise as they are cost-efficient: quality, flexible materials with a fast installation. When combined with easy maintenance, energy efficiency and a long lifespan, flat roofing is a smart solution for businesses.

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