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Ploughcroft's New Eco Roof Apprenticeship Scheme

Ploughcroft's New Eco Roof Apprenticeship Scheme

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Ploughcroft’s Eco Roof Apprenticeship Better Prepares Trainees

We often hear that school and college leavers lack the necessary skills employers expect of them in the world of work. In fact, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) found that 8 out of 10 British school-leavers lacked “essential business skills” like mathematics.

Our Director, Chris Hopkins believes that this worrying trend can also be seen in the construction industry, with construction colleges leaving students ill-prepared for the realities of the fast-paced world of roofing.

In a recent article in the Huddersfield Examiner Chris expressed his concern for how he thinks this year’s construction college leavers will be “untrained and unprepared” to cope with and meet the demands of energy-saving building techniques, which are rapidly becoming favoured by and sought after by consumers.

How Ploughcroft Are Bringing Trainees up to Speed

Priding ourselves on being at the forefront innovations within the roofing industry, Ploughcroft has developed our own two-year Eco Roof apprenticeship scheme to help bring new trainees up to scratch.

The practical Eco Roof apprenticeship qualification incorporates modern roofing installation techniques, not currently taught in colleges, such as preventing heat loss from buildings. Part of the hands-on accreditation includes learning how to fit a warm roofing system and Ploughcroft’s very own thermal blanket, Eco Roof™, which combines intelligent insulation with a revolutionary re-roofing system.

The Eco Roof™ is so energy-efficient it has become known as “the roof that pays for itself”, saving homeowners up to £500 on their annual heating bills, whilst increasing property values by up to 14% and improving property grades on Energy Performance Certificates by up to two bands.

Our Apprenticeships

Charlie Oakes, Plloughcroft apprentice, Eco Roof Apprenticeship Our apprenticeships are carried out in collaboration with Leeds College of Building and promise to offer 16-24-year-olds valuable real-world experience and important knowledge of traditional roofing methods and theory. This education is provided through attending college in 2-week blocks and working on-site at locations where our ongoing projects are taking place throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire.

We prepare our apprentices with real-life roofing knowledge, so much so that one of our excelling Level 2 Roof Slating and Tiling apprentices, Charlie Oakes recently competed in the regional heats of the prestigious SkillBuild competition after winning the local rounds.

If you’re interested in enrolling on our Eco Roof apprenticeship scheme or know someone who would be, simply email a CV to info@ploughcorft.co.uk or contact us today.

With the Eco Roof™ bringing such a wealth of benefits and the rising trend for consumers to prefer more eco-friendly building options, Chris maintains that there has never been a better time for aspiring roofers to sign-up for our apprenticeship scheme and for colleges to step up and adapt their curriculums accordingly.

roofers Wakefield, Chris Hopkins, Eco Roof Apprenticeship

“Over the past three years, we have seen a rapid growth in our Eco-Roof business as energy prices continue to rise and customers become increasingly clued-up when it comes to greener living and the impact it can have on their energy bills.

“However, while consumer demand rises, colleges simply aren’t keeping up. Given there was no existing eco roof apprenticeship scheme in place that covered the type of specialist work we carry out, we’ve been trialling and created our own using my professional teaching and roofing assessor qualifications.

“That said, we can only do so much and today’s apprentices are the people who will drive the energy efficiency industry forward in years to come. As such, it is absolutely essential that colleges – and other construction businesses – continue to evolve and invest in skills and development.”

Chris Hopkins, Managing Director, Ploughcroft Ltd

We hope our Eco Roof apprenticeship continues to equip trainees with the useful skills and technical training they need to really succeed in the energy-efficient and roofing industries and that colleges follow suit- apprentices are the future of roofing after all!

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