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Pitched Roofing Awards 2018

Divisional Director Chris, Shortlisted for Pitched Roofing Awards 2018 We’re delighted to announce our Chris has been shortlisted in RCI Magazine’s first ever Pitched Roofing Awards 2018 for the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Industry’ category. The winners will be revealed on the 30th November at a celebratory lunch at The Midland Hotel in Manchester. Guests […]

Do You Need Building Regulations When Replacing an Existing Skylight?

All replacement glazing requires Building Regulations and this has been the case since 2002. Velux windows and skylights are no exception. There are plenty of roofers cutting corners by telling their customers that Building Regulations are not required if all they are doing is making a straight swap! This is simply not the case. Anyone […]

Free Solar PV Health Check? We very much doubt it!

Had a call offering a Free Solar PV Health Check? We recently seem to have been inundated by calls from our customers saying they have been contacted by companies offering a ‘free solar PV health check’ for their solar PV system. These companies are claiming that if your original solar installer has gone out of […]

The popularity of flat roofs for businesses

The popularity of flat roofs continues to rise, reasons behind the demand are plentiful. If you’re in the market for a new roof to enhance the look of your property that Kevin McCloud would be proud of, then look no further than a flat roof. This choice of a roof can look contemporary and stylish. […]

Health and Safety on the Rise in the Roofing Industry

There is an increased focus on health and safety at work, with construction considered one of the most dangerous industries to work in. In 2016 – 2017, 137 workers were killed at work and an estimated 609,000 workers suffered non-fatal injuries. Almost half of the fatal injuries over the last five years were accounted for […]

5 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time for Roof Replacements

We are all often guilty of fixing things only when they reach breaking point – such as replacing a roof only when it is leaking. But why not be more proactive rather than reactive? While we understand that many of us would rather think about holidays, sunbathing and barbeques in the garden and sunny trips […]

The U Value Explained (and why your roofer should understand this)

When it comes to home insulation, one of the most important, yet confusing terms is the ‘U-Value’. The U Value explained is the measure of how effective a given material is as an insulator and it’s referred to a lot in the building and construction industry. However, the alarming fact is the vast majority of […]

Historic Buildings Restoration Grant Applications Open

Any proud English resident will know that the country’s lush green English National Parks are home to an abundance of iconic and historic farm buildings. Unfortunately, as the decades have passed, these traditional buildings have begun to decay and decline. Since Heritage Roofing is our theme for this month and as experienced and specialist heritage […]

Want to make your home work harder for you? We have 7 ways we can help!

We firmly believe that looking after your roof and installing energy saving measures to your home will save you money in the long run for the finer things in life! Bi-Fold Doors Making your home work harder for you by… helping maintain warmth within your homes during winter and providing refreshingly cool temperatures in summer. […]

7 Ways to make your home work harder for you

We take a look at the some of the things you can do to make your home a better space to live in. We have 7 ways to make your home work harder for you. Creating a better way to live and work, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your energy bills too.   […]

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