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How to Clean Your VELUX Roof Windows

Opening up your home with a roof window is the perfect way to invite in more breezy ventilation and Vitamin D. As daylight is free, roof windows are also an energy-efficient way to light your room and help cut your electricity bills.

As VELUX is the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows, flat roof windows, sun tunnels and roof window blinds, it’s likely you have this brand installed. Ploughcroft is a VELUX-certified installer, so we’re able to install a wide variety of roof windows and skylights for either pitched or flat roofs — all with a low energy rating.


What Is a Roof Window?

A roof window is ideal for loft conversions, lean-to extensions or any other room with a slanted ceiling. If you have a pitched roof (one that slopes downwards), a roof window is a versatile solution, as the window can be installed onto slopes with a 15- to 90-degree angle. They’re also the easiest to open and close, as they work just like a regular window.

But, how do you clean them? Cleaning VELUX windows is quite straightforward once you break it down. Let’s take a look:


Clean the Air Filter

First of all, when cleaning your VELUX window, start with the air filter. This device filters particles from the air as they pass through, such as pollen, dust and mould, to allow only clean, fresh air to enter.

To do this, fully rotate and secure the window in the cleaning position, then remove the filter from the filter rail. You can remove and wash this with ordinary household cleaners.


Clean the Window Pane

Next up, it’s time to clean the window pane, while taking care not to scratch or stain it.

Wipe the pane with a soft, clean sponge or a clean, non-metal window squeegee. Clean water is normally sufficient, but ordinary, non-abrasive household cleaners can also be used. Soft water is best for cleaning panes, but if you’re in a hard-water area, you can add a small amount of detergent to soften the water or make sure to wipe off all excess water after cleaning.

To clean the outer pane, rotate the sash (the framework around the glass) 180 degrees. The sash must be secured in position by sliding the barrel bolt into the bushing at the bottom of the side frame. This safety feature leaves both hands free for cleaning.

Watch this video on how to clean the outside from the inside, after securing the window with the barrel bolt.


Clean the Flashing

You don’t have to do this every time you clean your VELUX roof window, but around once a year, remove the leaves and other debris from the flashing around the window to allow rainwater to flow freely.

The flashing is a thin continuous piece of material that is installed to prevent water from getting in through the window.


Additional Tips


Condensation can form on the inner pane of the window, particularly in rooms with high levels of humidity. You can minimise this by airing the roof frequently or by fitting a radiator directly below the window.


Snow and Ice

If winter strikes hard, it’s important to allow melted water to drain off from and around the window, so make sure to remove any snow and ice.

If you want to prolong the longevity of your VELUX roof window or just give it a touch-up, VELUX offer maintenance kits which include a range of products that you can use to replace an air filter, repair a scratch, lubricate hinges, paint your window or give it a shiny, new lacquer.

Whether you require a single window or a string of continuous skylights, we can install to most roof types, whether as part of a re-roof or roof replacement or by replacing existing, old skylight windows.
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