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Our Favourite Home Renovation TV Shows

For Property Owners Needing Inspiration

A nice change to your home can do a world of good, but it can be hard to know what you’d like done. Perhaps you’re not sure what you can afford — or just in need of some inspiration. If so, we’ve got the perfect list of home renovation TV shows for you to try.


Grand Designs

We’ll start with the obvious one. This Channel 4 series, with 19 series so far and over 100 episodes, has so much to offer. Presenter Kevin McCloud follows complex, ambitious projects with incredible results — as the title would suggest.

You may not be looking to start such a big project, but the dream homes of Grand Designs will definitely get your creative juices flowing.


DIY SOS: The Big Build

Originally DIY SOS until 2010, this BBC One series used to renovate homes to fix up DIY projects gone wrong. Then it rebranded and became The Big Build, with one-hour episodes about larger renovation projects such as a loft conversion or extension. It was this change that made the programme one of the biggest home renovation shows on TV.


The Restoration Man

As heritage roofing specialists, we’re big fans of this programme. Since 2010, this Channel 4 series has travelled all over Great Britain, looking at old buildings that people want to restore. From windmills and barns to towers and churches, the aim is to transform them into a comfortable home. As complications arise with each listed building, George Clarke helps out by looking into each building’s history and architecture.


Homes Under the Hammer

Since 2003, this incredibly popular BBC One series has had over 1200 episodes, and it’s all about buying, renovating, and boosting property values.

Properties that have seen better days (residential or commercial buildings) are bought at an auction and renovated. By the end of the episode, viewers see what the new property owner has done and how much they’ve increased the property value.


The Home Game

A single series in 2017, The Home Game on ITV makes a game of home improvement. Whoever makes the most profit is the winner!

Linda Barker looks at 4 properties undergoing a home improvement — an extension, conversion, restoration, anything — and finds out their property values and renovation budgets. The show then cuts from the ‘before’ shot to the inspiring ‘after’ shot. Finally, viewers find out how much the owners spent, what their properties are now worth, and who is the winner of the Home Game.


Best Laid Plans

Travelling around South England in 10 episodes, this Channel 4 series involves helping couples with their large-scale home improvements. Focusing mostly on house extensions, the show closely follows each project and helps the couples with their design disagreements.


So, get watching…

If you find any of these home renovation TV shows, live or on catchup, have a look and see if you get any ideas.

To see the home improvements we offer, head to our Home Renovation page.

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