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6 Trending Home Renovation Ideas

Boosting Lifestyle and Property Value

There’s always a reason to do up a house. Whether you’re moving in, moving out, or just staying put, home renovation can be hugely beneficial to your lifestyle, your bank account, or both.
It goes without saying that a smart home renovation can add comfort and pizzazz to your home. But if you’re selling, it can also boost your property value and earn you a few grand from your investment.

In this guide, we’ll just go over some of the ways you can improve your home, whether in lifestyle or in value. See what takes your fancy…


Solar Panels

Ploughcroft Solar PV Panels, Home Renovations to Boost Property Value and Home Life

Have you thought about getting solar panels on your roof? With a solar installation, you can cut right down on your energy bills. Investing in a solar PV (photovoltaic) system now will save you a bundle in the long term, not to mention that it’s much eco-friendlier.

At Ploughcroft, we have installed over 10,000 solar panels in the UK. Our roofers are all fully qualified installers, highly experienced in installing solar systems, and good at keeping the integrity of the roof intact.

Solar PV Panel SystemA Solar Game Changer

Our award-winning solar PV hybrid systems take solar energy to a whole new level. Not only do they let you generate more energy than conventional systems, but they choose whether to store this energy, consume it, or top it up from the grid. It’s whatever proves most cost-effective for you.

For these technologically advanced systems, Ploughcroft works in partnership with Prime Hybrid Energy and makes use of their smart, user-friendly Prime Hybrid Inverter.

The Prime Hybrid Inverter

This inverter seamlessly integrates your energy to online monitoring and control. By use of a simple online portal, you can set your preferences, let the technology do its thing, and look at how much you’re saving. By integrating it with a smart meter, you can also share energy with the wider community to lighten the load on the grid at peak times.

Your Prime battery will be able to store the electricity you generate during the day for use in the evening. You can also charge it on Economy 7 at night when energy is half the price.

Invest in Solar Panels

We invite you to consider investing in a greener home with smaller bills. We estimate a one-time cost starting around £5,000 for a solar installation, and the project would take only two or three days to complete[1].

Visit our pages for more information on Solar Panel Installation and Hybrid Solar Systems and see if solar energy is the right home renovation for you.

A Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion, Home Renovations to Boost Property Value and Home Life

What about some extra space? Of course, there are plenty of options for getting more indoor living space, such as a house extension or a conservatory. But a loft conversion means you won’t have to sacrifice any outdoor space. Plus, you most likely won’t need planning permission, and construction is rarely affected by the weather.

A lot of homeowners have started to favour a loft conversion because of its benefits to their property value. After all, it’s an extra room, isn’t it? Another bedroom, an office, a home gym, a playroom — the possibilities are endless. So why not add some extra use and appeal for a prospective buyer?

Alternatively, if you’re only looking to sell your house because it’s too small, a loft conversion could be just as effective as upping sticks. Not to mention, it could be cheaper overall. On top of buying a new house, the process of moving brings other added expenses such as solicitors’ fees, stamp duty, and search fees.

From Your Former Roof to a Dormer Roof

To make sure your loft conversion gives you plenty of room to stand, you may also like a roof dormer extension. For one thing, they also don’t normally need planning permission.

Zinc Flat Roof Dormer Extension Loft Conversion

Flat Roof Dormer Extension

The next best thing to adding an entire new floor to your house, a flat roof dormer extension gives the most extra space.

At Ploughcroft, our flat roof dormer extensions also come with our warm flat roof system, making sure your loft conversion is properly insulated to an excellent standard.

Pitched Roof Dormer Extension Loft ConversionPitched Roof Dormer Extension

We often find that a pitched roof dormer extension is more aesthetically pleasing than the flat roof option.

At Ploughcroft, we’ll make sure your pitched roof dormer extension is fully insulated. For this extension, we can even insulate with our Eco Roof™ thermal blanket. (But more on that below…)

Invest in a Loft Conversion

It can typically increase your property value by about 21%[1]. As we say, it’s an extra bedroom. We estimate a construction time of about a week and a price starting at £25,000[1]. Whether it’s extra space for yourself or a prospective buyer, we’re sure that this smart home renovation is worth it.

If you could do with an extra room, visit our Loft Conversion page for more information on this useful home renovation.

VELUX Skylight Windows

Velux Skylights, Home Renovations to Boost Property Value and Home Life

As VELUX-certified installers, Ploughcroft can install skylight windows to keep your conversion or extension brightly lit during the day. In fact, they let in twice as much daylight as a vertical window does.

And the more daylight the better! Sunlight gives us more Vitamin D, increased release of endorphins (feel-good hormone), and a number of other health benefits. If you’re working from home, research has found a strong relationship between office daylight exposure and better activity, sleep and quality of life (read more here).

VELUXWe can install windows to flat roofs and pitched roofs alike. And we can install as many as you want.

VELUX have produced windows and rooflights for over 70 years. Today, they are leading manufacturers producing modern-style, energy-efficient windows. Perfect for the roofing jobs we carry out, they add a practical and stunning feature to any roof.

The VELUX skylight windows we are able to install include:

  • Top-Hung and Centre-Pivot Roof Windows
  • VELUX INTEGRA® Electric and Solar-Powered Windows
  • VELUX CABRIO® Balcony Systems
  • Curved Glass Rooflights with CurveTech
  • Modular Skylights
  • Conservation Roof Windows

Invest in a VELUX Skylight

Get two if you like. If you’re getting a loft conversion (or you have one already), a skylight will work wonders. A VELUX skylight will work wonders and save energy. Not to mention that it will make your home more attractive to a possible buyer, both outside and in.

Visit our VELUX Skylights page for more information on this renovation for your home.

Ploughcroft Eco Roof™

Eco Roof Ploughcroft, Home Renovations to Boost Property Value and Home Life

The roof that pays for itself. For any conversion or extension, we certainly recommend a complete re-roof with Ploughcroft’s Eco Roof™ thermal blanket. We want to give you the room-in-roof insulation you could be sorely missing. And this high-quality insulation system, using the latest technology, is the answer.

Older houses with older roofs may not be properly insulated, losing both heat and money. To rectify this problem and save energy, our Eco Roof does much more to keep the heat in. In fact, you can save up to £500 on the heating bills in a single year. Like we say, it pays for itself.

Eco RoofIf you’re investing in a loft conversion (see above), the Eco Roof thermal blanket would go perfectly with it. We can make your thermal blanket while we carry out the conversion and then add it in.

Vaulted Ceilings

Even without a loft conversion, our Eco Roof insulation saves you the need for loft insulation. So, consider this:

Do you even need a loft?

If not, you may prefer to lose it in favour of a vaulted ceiling, adding height to your bedroom for a more spacious and stylish feel.

Invest in an Eco Roof™

Either you save a bundle on the heating, or your buyer does. Either way, our Eco Roof adds an attractive energy-saving feature to any home, improving your lifestyle and boosting property value.

To read more, visit our Eco Roof page.

A Ground-Floor House Extension

Ground Floor Home/House Extension, Home Renovations to Boost Property Value and Home Life

Are there any parts of your land that you’re not making full use of? Because unused space in your garden, whether big or small, could become a handy bit of extra space in your house. No matter the size, building an extension to your home can be a big improvement.

Perhaps you want a bigger living room or kitchen? Maybe you need an extra room to use as a study? Whatever you want, we’re sure we can help.

You may also like to know that house extensions don’t always need planning permission. (We know this can often put people off.) It all comes down to whether the job stands within certain guidelines and doesn’t impact on your neighbours or the environment. Visit Planning Portal for more information.

Home Renovation Ground-Floor House ExtensionInvest in a House Extension

Maybe have a look around your property and see if you have any wasted space. We’ll be waiting.

From start to finish, Ploughcroft can sort it all out. All the organisation. All the construction. We’ll appoint the architect, liaise with the building inspector, organise a decorator, dot the i’s and cross the t’s. You just need to worry about what you want to get out of your property.

For a house extension, we estimate a cost starting around £25,000 and a construction time of about a week[1]. Even if you’re not looking to get more out of your house — only to get out of your house — an extension typically adds between 6% and 23% to the property value[1]. If you’re wanting to move house to have more space, a house extension could prove to be a cheaper alternative, saving you both money and fuss.

To find out more about Ploughcroft’s house extensions, visit our Home Extensions page.

Roof Maker Rooflights and Roof Lanterns

Roof Maker Rooflight, Roof Lantern, Roof Window, Home Renovations to Boost Property Value and Home Life

The modern way to keep your home well lit. At Ploughcroft and in partnership with Roof Maker, we can add beauty and charm to your home with the Rooflight or Roof Lantern.

High-performing, energy-efficient and stylish, these windows have the best thermal performance technology available. Boasting easy-clean, fully insulated glass, Rooflights and Roof Lanterns offer a U-Value of 0.6. And they come with a 20-year unit seal warranty.

Roof Maker Rooflights, Roof Windows and Roof LanternsThe roof windows we are able to install include:

  • Luxlite™ Pitched Roof Windows
  • Fixed Flat Rooflights
  • Slimline Rooflights
  • Pyramid Rooflights
  • Opening Rooflights
  • Walk-On Rooflights
  • O-Lite Rooflights

Invest in a Roof Maker Rooflight

Especially if you have a flat-roof extension. Their Rooflights and Roof Lanterns are perfect for letting natural light through a flat roof. Their Pitched Roof Windows also offer a gorgeous and modern solution for a loft conversion. There are just so many options to choose from.

If you want a more contemporary, well-lit house, whether to live in or sell, a Rooflight or Roof Lantern can go a long way.

To read more about this home renovation idea, visit our Rooflights, Roof Lanterns & Roof Windows page.

What Do You Think?

Fancy sprucing up your house with one of these renovations? Are you thinking of moving out, or will they make it worth staying instead of settling in somewhere new? Or do you think you could get a better price for it by adding some modern touches?

More and more people are getting into modern home renovation, either to improve their own lifestyle or to get a better selling price. So why not jump on that bandwagon?

If you stand to gain from any of Ploughcroft’s house renovations, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get your free assessment today.


[1] For more information on the costs/benefits of these home renovations, check out our smart renovations infographic.

Smart Home Renovation Ideas to Boost Property Value: Solar Panels, Loft Conversion, Home Extension, Conservatory Roof Replacement, Balcony System

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