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How to Clean Conservatory Roof Glass the Right Way | Ploughcroft

How to Clean Conservatory Roof Glass the Right Way | Ploughcroft

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How to Clean Conservatory Roof Glass the Right Way

Conservatories make for a fantastic addition to the home as not only do they expand the size of your living space, but they also give you the opportunity to enjoy your garden more (even in the colder months). They can even increase your house value too.

One of the most popular materials for conservatory roofs is glass, as it’s a great option for full transparency. After all, you want this space to feel bright and open, and glass lets the daylight pass right on through. Plus, any plants in a conservatory with a glass roof are bound to soak in an abundance of sunlight from all angles.

On the flip side, while a glass roof conservatory certainly does look the business, it can be difficult to clean, especially if you’re not aware of the right techniques and materials to use. This is important to know, as cleaning your conservatory glass roof the wrong way can potentially cause mishap to both you and the roof — mishaps that can be avoided.

Use a Water-Fed Pole System

Using a water-fed pole system is the safest option to clean your glass conservatory roof as you can remain on the ground without having to horizontally stretch across at a height.

This system basically pumps water up an adjustable telescopic pole, which has a swivel soft-bristle cleaning brush attached. This allows you to scrub away any dirt buildup from wind and rain. Afterwards, you can simply leave your roof to air-dry.

The water-fed pole system has revolutionised how window cleaning is carried out, as not only does it save a lot of time, but it’s a lot safer and often provides a better finish too. View this video to watch how it works. You can buy these at most garden and homeware stores.

Use a Manual Approach

Alternatively, you can also use a manual telescopic pole by itself without opting for the water pumping system. This will still extend your reach, allowing you to clean high and awkward-to-reach spots, but you’ll likely have to use a ladder to get a good view of the roof.

As you won’t have the water pressure system assisting you, you will need to dip the brush side of the pole into a bucket and repeat. Make sure to replace the bucket of water once it’s dirty, otherwise you’ll end up transferring dirt back onto the glass.

Additionally, once the glass is clean, you can attach a squeegee to your telescopic pole and swipe away the foam, starting from one side and moving to the other. Repeat this step until the entire glass surface is free of foam and there are no more stubborn spots. You may like to give it a final wipe over using a micro-fibre cloth to ensure there are no streaks left on the glass.

Ladder Safety

If you do decide to manually clean your conservatory glass roof, being safe should be your first priority — especially if you’re on a ladder. However, professional cleaners suggest that you only use a ladder if there is a concrete wall to secure it on. Don’t attempt to use a ladder on glass surfaces, as they are fragile and the situation can have devastating consequences. This goes for climbing or walking on glass surfaces too. Always make sure to wear a helmet and use a tested, secure ladder.

Which Cleaning Products Should I Use?

To effectively clean your conservatory’s glass roof using either of the above methods, warm, soapy (or ½ cup of white distilled vinegar) water will do the job nicely in most cases. If you are able to purify your water, either by boiling it first or using a filter, this is even better, as it will remove the impurities in tap water that can cause spotting when it’s left to dry on a surface.

Any other tools and detergents you use must be designed for windows only. Never use abrasive detergents (including baking soda), as these will damage the surface.

Additional Tips

  • Only use soft-bristle brushes and cloths to avoid scratching the glass surface.
  • Avoid cleaning the roof around midday when the sun is at its brightest, as the glass windows will dry too quickly and water drop marks may be left behind.
  • For your own safety when using a ladder, don’t attempt to clean the conservatory roof on rainy or windy days.

We suggest cleaning your glass conservatory roof every four months to prevent leakage, roof damage and decay.

While a glass conservatory roof does have its perks, there are other roof materials to consider, including tiles, timber and aluminium. These are suitable for all conservatories, no matter the shape, size or complexity.

Ploughcroft offers a stunning range of conservatory roof replacement options to turn your existing conservatory into a delightful living space that can be enjoyed all year round. To discuss your requirements, call us for a free chat and estimate on 01422 202919.

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