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10 Reasons to get a Balcony | Ploughcroft

10 Reasons to get a Balcony | Ploughcroft

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10 Reasons to Get a Balcony

Ploughcroft have a wealth of experience transforming homes by adding contemporary and stylish balcony systems to most flat roofs and walkways.

We’ve put together a list of reason why investing in a balcony is a great choice for your home, and even your business.

1. They increase a property’s value up to 12%. A house with a balcony has a higher resell value compared to a house without, due to the extra benefits you get from them!Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Property, Increase Property Value

2. Extends living space. A balcony gives you more space to do as you please! Due to their versatility you’re able to transform them into practically anything.

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The many uses include:

• A place to eat and drink – simply by adding a small table and chairs, you’ve got a brilliant outdoor dining space!
• Somewhere to grow plants or do some extra gardening – perfect if you don’t have a garden, yard or any outdoor space.
• It can be ideal for storage – especially if you don’t have much space to start with. Balconies can be used to store bikes, tools or even a place for a shed! If by adding a balcony, the options are endless!
• A private area for small gatherings, great for BBQ’s – especially in summer!
• If you think you’ve already got enough space, why not use a balcony as an extra living room – outside!


3. Private gardening. A balcony offers a more private area to grow flowers without the fear of wildlife destroying any plants, trees, fruit or vegetables!

Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Garden, Private

4. Great for pets. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll understand that it’s not recommended to have your pet cooped up all day, which is why a balcony is a great feature to have in your home! It gives your pet the opportunity to go outside, go to the toilet and get some fresh air, all in a safe and secure area! You can let them out, without you actually letting them out!


Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Dogs, Pets, Safe

5. Beneficial for summer. By having a balcony, you’re able to instantly get outside with ease and soak up the sun! Sunbathe, read a book, take in the view – all whilst getting Vitamin D!

Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Sun, Summer

6. Increase the aesthetic appearance of your home. There are many things which you can add to your balcony such as flower pots; guaranteed to increase the beauty of your property. When you incorporate flowers to your balcony it utilises the outside environment, which is important them to grow. There are many architectural designs which you can use to plan a layout of your balcony. This one is the major advantage as everyone prefers to live in a beautiful house.

Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Aesthetic Appearance

7. Provides an extra form of privacy. Unlike back gardens, a balcony is usually above ground floor level, raising you up above the height of being looked over by neighbours.

Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Privacy, Neighbours

8. Improves views. By adding a balcony, you will increase your view of the outside and your surroundings, no matter what room you chose it to be for! It will instantly light up any room!

Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Views, Homes

9. Safer than a typical garden – especially if you have young children or pets! By having a balcony, you know you can let your pet roam free with minimal supervision, without the fear of them getting lost or stolen. With a balcony being raised up, there’s no place for children to get lost or escape, making it an ideal play space for them!

Balcony, Ploughcroft, Improvements, Safety

10. Suitable for eateries and nightclubs as well as homes! Many people think of private homes when they envision a balcony, but restaurants and nightclubs offer this option as well. Benefits of having an outdoor balcony at a restaurant is the ambiance it offers. For instance, many restaurants overlooking the ocean make use of a balcony.

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If you’re considering a balcony to improve your home, why not get in touch with us today!

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