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Structural Survey

To obtain planning permission, in many cases it is necessary to have a structural survey report carried out by certified structural surveyors and inspectors.

Before undertaking any renovation work or building extensions, property owners should ensure a structural survey is carried out by qualified structural surveyors to reduce the risk of any damage during the building work and to determine if a building’s structure can safely handle the purpose it is intended for, should you, for example, be carrying out any structural alterations or home renovations.

structural surveyIf your home is showing any kind of movement in the foundations, cracking in the walls or sagging of the ceiling or roofline, you need to get a professional structural survey or assessment report.

What are the Different Types of Structural Inspections and Reports?

You can get a General Structural Inspection which covers the whole property or if the problem is confined to one area, a Specific Structural Inspection can be commissioned. In the case of fire damage to a house, a General Structural Inspection may be required in order to find out the stability of the house before any repair work can take place.

As experienced professionals in the construction industry and Which? Trusted Traders, our team at Ploughcroft will make sure your buildings are safe and sturdy. We will provide an informative and easy-to-understand Structural Assessment Report and suggest the repairs or renovations you may need to make.

Benefits of a Structural Survey

  • Leverage to negotiate on asking price of potential properties,
  • A structural house survey provides advice on demolishing unwanted properties, or parts of buildings,
  • Renovate your property without damaging the structure of the building,
  • Integral for new builds.

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