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Bat Survey Report & Ecology

As their natural habitats recede, many bats have taken to roosting in houses and building development projects in order to keep warm and dry.

Where Are You Likely to Find Bats?

British bats are small (they only grow up to 3.25 inches long) and prefer to live in roof voids or the tight spaces in the attic space and between window frames. The creatures may also be found in the guttering, fascia boards and soffits of a roof or lead flashing.

Bats and the Law

Bats are fully protected by UK law meaning that attempting to capture, injure or kill a bat or disturb their roosts is a criminal offence. If you are planning to undertake any building works that you think may disturb a bat roost in your home or on a building development site, then, by law, you need an ecological consultant to undertake a bat survey and acquire a Bat Survey Report report of recommendations.

Do Bats in My Home Pose a Risk?

It is nothing to worry about if think you have a ‘bats in house’ dilemma. They do not build nests or chew through wood, wire or insulation as some animals will. There are no known health risks associated with their droppings and they are very clean animals. It is also worth noting that they are not rodents.

Female bats typically only have one baby a year so there is no danger of your ‘bats in house’ issue escalating into an ‘infestation’. As a bonus, all UK bats consume many insects so serve as a form of natural pest control! Bats are also seasonal visitors and unlikely to live in your roof all year round but may return back year after year.

By working with licensed ecologists Ploughcroft undertakes bat surveys in homes and on building sites to provide you with a full Bat Survey Report. Our consultants are experienced in carrying out scoping surveys and risk assessments for planning permission.

Benefits of Benefits of a Bat Survey

  • An ecological survey by Ploughcroft fully complies with UK law,
  • An ecological survey by us helps protect a species in decline,
  • Natural pest control due to the diet of bats,
  • Two stage survey and full bat survey report provided.

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