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Building Survey and Structural Analysis

About Ploughcroft’s Building Survey and Structural Analysis Services by a Qualified Building Surveyor:

It’s always a good idea to establish the current condition of a property before carrying out renovations, extensions and other enhancements, which could, in fact, do more harm than good if the right surveys and assessments aren’t carried out beforehand.

building survey, structural analysis, building surveyor With it being illegal in the UK to kill a bat or disturb their roosts, Ploughcroft collaborates with licensed ecologists to undertake bat surveys in homes and on building sites to provide you with a fully comprehensive but easy to follow Bat Survey Report. This ensures the necessary measures can be implemented to make sure you are fully compliant with the law, should you intend to carry out any building works that are likely to disturb bats.

Sometimes, before you can even begin to make your dreams of a house renovation or extension a reality, you need to obtain planning permission. To secure planning permission it is often necessary to have a Structural Survey Report to establish the structural integrity and strength of your home.

With a qualified building surveyor, we will provide a Structural Assessment Report and suggest the repairs or renovations you may need to make in the future to point you in the right direction for a structurally sound home.

Our highly trained and experienced building surveyor team are also qualified to use specialist equipment to detect where cold air is escaping from within your home. After we produce a detailed, yet easy to understand Thermographic Survey, you will then be able to determine what the best insulation solution is for your home to save energy and money on long-term heating bills.

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