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Extend the life of your roof with regular cleaning


Roof Cleaning by Ploughcroft

Unfortunately the good, old British summer and wet winters create the perfect environment for moss to grow. These growths are not necessarily harmful to the tiles or slates but they can affect the service life expectancy of the roof.

Roof cleaning

A thick layer of moss acts like a sponge – it holds moisture and prevents your roof from drying out. It can damage the materials used to protect the roof from UV rays and, in some cases, can cause the supporting structural roof framing members to decay. While you can carrying out roof cleaning yourself by removing the moss and lichen, we recommend using professional roofers as you can damage the roof and invalidate any warranty. To clean moss and lichen from the roof, Ploughcroft clears the thicker growths and then treats the roof with anti-fungicides which don’t damage your roof tiles but prevents new growth, protecting your roof for longer. This process usually takes a day but is dependent on the size of the roof and the extent of growth of the moss.

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Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters filled with leaves, twigs and moss may seem like a tedious chore, but when gutters are left clogged their effectiveness is greatly reduced. When rainwater is prevented from freely flowing along the drains, it starts to flow behind the gutter, down the side of your walls and, in some cases, into your home. This can cause wood rot, eroded beams, and even irreparable damage to the gutter system itself, causing expensive and inconvenient repairs.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels consist of solar cells covered by a layer of protective glass coating and, just like house or car windows, the longer they spend out in the rain, the more they need cleaning. As solar panels spend a lot of time battling the elements they need to be cleaned regularly to be remain efficient. When subjected to winter weather, solar panels build up a large amount of dust and dirt. The dirtier they get the lower the amount of electricity they will produce. While there are many reasons why solar panels may be producing less electricity, regular cleaning is one of the easiest ways to increase their life-span and maintain their efficiency.

roof cleaning


“I was very impressed with the friendly, open, yet professional approach from all the staff.”

roof cleaning


  • Extends the service life expectancy of essential parts of your property,
  • Quick fixes for many problems that may be occurring,
  • Helps to prevent future problems,
  • Reduces the risk of expensive, inconvenient repairs.

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