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eco floor insulation

What is Eco Floor Insulation?

Insulating under your floorboards prevents heat escaping and acts as a barrier to moisture from the cold ground outside. You could save around £50 on your fuel bills by reducing the draughts. As damp rises through an uninsulated floor with cold air, it pushes the warm air towards the ceiling where it condenses. The condensation can lead to mould in the corners of the walls, especially in older houses where wooden floors are suspended over empty space. In some cases it is possible to insulate the floor from below, if there is a space wide enough to do so. However, in some homes the floor may have to be insulated from above by removing the floorboards. Ploughcroft ensure the greatest care is taken in this, and all floorboards and carpets are replaced to a high standard. If you have solid concrete floors that are being replaced, floor insulation must be installed to comply with building regulations.


  • Save money of heating bills,
  • More comfortable floors that aren’t cold to the touch,
  • Decrease the chance of mould and mildew,
  • Environmentally friendly (up to 370kg of Carbon Dioxide saved from entering the atmosphere).

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