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cavity wall insulation

Keep the cold air out and the warm air in


Ploughcroft are experts at Eco Cavity Wall Insulation.

Keeping the cold air out and the warm air in is the most logical way to save money on your heating bills. Around 33% of all the heat lost in an uninsulated home is through the walls and the colder the air is outside, the faster heat will escape.

eco cavity wall insulation 

But before you can insulate the walls of your home, you need to work out what type of walls you have. If your house was built after the 1920s it is likely to have cavity walls – this is where the external walls are made of two layers with a gap in between. Older houses are more likely to have solid walls requiring internal wall insulation. Houses under 10 years old usually have wall insulation. If you are unsure, you can ask Ploughcroft for an inspection to find out.

You can use the Energy Saving Trust’s Home Energy Check Tool to work out what sort of walls you have.

Ploughcroft can offer advice and guidance with both Eco Cavity Wall Insulation and internal insulation which comes with no obligation from us.

Internal Wall Insulation

Internal wall insulation is the most effective way of improving energy efficiency within your home, with savings of up to £455 per year on fuel bills. It is generally cheaper to install than external wall insulation. To insulate solid walls internally, our dedicated team install insulation boards to the walls. This is also known as dry lining. It involves attaching insulation boards to the inside of a sold external wall then covering it with plasterboards or cladding. Internal wall can be disruptive as it takes place in your home but we can do it room-by-room so disturbance is minimised. If you are already considering home improvements such as installing a new bathroom or kitchen, then this provides the ideal opportunity to ensure that you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

cavity wall insulation


“The work has been carried out within the agreed timescales and with the minimum of disruption to us.”

cavity wall insulation


  • Saves up to £455 per year on energy bills,
  • Does not alter the external look of the property,
  • Adds value to your property,
  • A warmer, more comfortable home,
  • New internal plastered walls which are warm to the touch,
  • Environmentally friendly (up to 1900kg of Carbon Dioxide stopped from entering the atmosphere).

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