Eco-Roof ™ – the roof that pays for itself

If your property has an old attic conversion or room in the roof…

then watch our 2 minute video to see how you could save up to £500 a year!

badroof1badroof1Is this what’s under your slates? Absolutely nothing but fresh air and plaster?

If you live in an old property which has an original un-insulated attic or room in the roof, you should look to have your property re-roofed with our ECORoof™ system.

There are thousands of stone built properties with old attics where the only thing keeping the heat in is plasterboard and roof slates! Does this sound like your room in the roof? If so, then your energy is quite literally going through the roof!

eco roof diagram

Ploughcroft’s research shows that up to 40 per cent of heat is lost through old, poorly insulated attics, particularly those in houses built pre-1967. We have therefore combined a re-roof with quality insulation to form an ECO-Roof™ which is the ideal solution for older properties that are hard to treat and have an old attic roof.

Eco-Roof ™ is a high tech insulated roofing system designed and developed by Ploughcroft to offer home owners a highly efficient way to insulate old loft / attic conversions and literally stop your money going through the roof by keeping the energy in and in turn, keeping your heating bills down. The energy saving will ensure that over time, this roof will actually pay for itself!

What’s in it for me?

Insulation can substantially save you money year on year, for many property owners this offer is a better return on investment than renewable energy installation for saving you money.

eco roof installersKey benefits:

  • Could save you up to £400 per year in heating costs
  • Saves energy and money year on year as energy prices rise
  • Limited disruption to your living space as we insulate from the outside
  • A warm attic room in winter which is cool in summer
  • Raises your EPC by 2 bands


The above saving are estimates only which have been calculated using RdSAP (the Governments Standard Assessment Procedure for the Energy Rating of Dwellings)

ECORoof Case studies 

Did you know?

Making energy improvements to your property could increase its value by 14%