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thermographic surveys

Thermal imaging cameras provide a detailed analysis and report


Thermographic Surveys by Ploughcroft

We use thermal imaging cameras to provide a detailed analysis and report, which accurately identifies energy inefficiencies. Our thermographic survey provides an easy to understand, highly visual report containing infra-red images for your home or commercial property.

thermographic heat survey

Most well insulated buildings should show consistent temperatures providing they are well maintained.

A thermographic survey will detect any decreased temperatures which indicate cold air ingress which is typically a result of missing or damaged insulation.

The equipment we use sees heat instead of light and automatically allocates a colour from a spectrum to the temperature. White shows the hottest parts of a building, moving down to red, then blue and black is the coldest.

Some materials reflect heat in different ways though, for example window glass, and so do not give accurate thermal imaging readings. Sections such as roofs and walls, however, will show different colours for the changing temperature.

Many homes lost heat through damaged or missing insulation in the ceilings and wall-ceiling junctions or poor detailing at junctions. Increased external wall temperatures show where heat is leaking and potential for improvement. By making the improvements, you will save money on your heating bills.

With your report, Ploughcroft will offer no obligation advice about how to improve the energy efficiency of your home. By working with you to understand your report, you can make your own decision about which heat saving methods to proceed with.


  • Identifies cold air ingress,
  • Easy to understand report which leaves nothing to guesswork,
  • Reveals exactly where heat is escaping from a property,
  • Cost effective, safe and efficient analysis.

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